Q- What's your name?
A- Amiya Evans
Q- How tall are you?
A-5 foot 10 inches
Q-I'm assuming you play Center correct?
A- Yes sir and forward.
Q--How much do you weigh
A- I think like 131 pounds or so.
Q- Wow, I guess you got all your height from your dad?
A- Yes sir and my mom is tall also.
Q- Did your mom play sports too?
A- Yes sir, she was a really good Volleyball player
Q-How long have you been playing basketball?
A- Only one year.
Q- Who is your favorite NBA player
A- You mean besides my dad?
Q- Yes
A- Draymond Green, because he hustles and is very aggressive like me and I like that.
Q-What school do you attend?
A- Ransom Middle School
Q- How are your grades
A- I am an all A Student this year, last year I had a 3.96 GPA.
Q- Amiya that's really impressive, keep up the good work. What other hobbies do you enjoy other than Basketball?
A- Well I like Shopping, Volleyball, and Painting Nails with my sister.
Q- So Amiya your team participated in the CYBL Championship in Mobile this summer, tell me how that went?
A- It was a fun experience, I enjoyed the travel there and the competition was good. I think we were better than the teams we lost to, but they just had more experience playing together and stuff like that.
Q- Indeed your team performed well and we are really looking forward to you guys returning next year.
A- Yes sir
Q- Thanks Amiya! Take care and good luck this year on the AAU circuit and in Middle School.

Joniya Perry

Q-Joniya how tall are you?
A-5 foot 3 inches
Q-What position do you play?
A-Point guard and Shooting Guard.
Q- Which position do you enjoy the most?
A-Probably point guard
Q- So Joniya where are you from?
A- Selma Alabama
Q-What school do you attend?
A-J.H. Workman
Q-How are you doing in your studies?
A- I'm doing good, I'm on the A/B honor roll
Q-What are your hobbies other than basketball?
A-I like softball, shopping, going to the movies, and hanging out with my friends.
Q-What's the most points you've ever scored in a game?
A- In middle school or AAU?
A- Well I scored 25 points against Bailey Middle
Q- Wow Joniya that's awesome!
Q-So what's your best attribute?
A-Overall probably shooting.
Q-Do you watch WNBA?
A- Yes sir.
Q-Who is your favorite WNBA Player?
A- Myah Moore.
Q-My favorite too.
Q- Tell me about your experience this year with the CYBL?
A- It was good, It was some good competition, and I liked the fact that we played different teams from different areas.
Q- How many games did your team win?
A- I think only one...The Purple team Bay City Diamonds was really tuff. They put us out.
Q-How long have you been playing basketball?
A- About 4 years
Q- What lead you to playing this game?
A- One day I was at the Fricker Center watching and fell in love from there. I decided then that I want to play and become really good!
Q- Thanks for the interview Joniya! Look forward to seeing you on the Circuit this year!